Securing events

Organising an event is no easy task, even if “only” finding the right venue, the right speakers and catering for the guests are not enough. To make everything run smoothly and safe, you also need to obtain a number of permits, which makes it even more complicated. It’s a nerve-wracking and time-consuming process, but we have the expertise to do it, so you can save time and effort by letting us handle it.

We obtain the necessary permits for your event

Aegis’sspecial staff who has been trained to secure events of any kind, has specialist qualifications and years of experience, so they can easily navigate through this maze of legislation. Recurring or non-recurring music and dance events require strict permits. Failure to do so not only entails serious risks, but can also result in penalties, so it is worth taking great care when obtaining them. Our staff can take this burden off your shoulders.

Depending on the type and size of the event, several authorities may need to be consulted early in the organization phase. In addition to the police and fire departments, health care associations, official disaster management authority, nature and water protection authority, the Public Health Institute and, where relevant, the local authorities must also be involved. The latter must be asked in advance for an event permit, which may take longer period of time to be accepted. However, our colleagues know their way around the most complex situations and their experience proves that they know exactly what type of event requires what type of permit.

We can prepare a detailed event insurance plan

The cornerstone of securing an event is the preparation of a proper plan, which is a time-consuming task without the right routine and expertise. Obtaining a detailed layout of the venue is just the first step, you will also need to prove its capacity and the attendance of security staff.

We will use the layout of the site to draw up accurate fire and rescue plans, establish entry and exit procedures and an evacuation plan. Because every event is unique, we don’t apply preset formulas, our event security work is always tailored to the event’s nature and our prices vary based on that. The satisfaction of our clients and the high quality of the work carried out are ensured by the professionalism and experience of our staff.

Do not leave it to luck, leave it to us and you will save not only time but also expenses!