About us

At Aegis, our priority is to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction through fast response times, state-of-the-art solutions and tailored services. Our staff includes both true veterans with decades of asset protection experience and young talent with innovative thinking. This provides our partners with a guarantee of practical knowledge, constant preparation and up-to-date information. Whether it’s operational or guarding, you can always rely on the high quality of our law enforcement-trained colleagues.

Our guarding services are based on three main areas of activity and although they are all different: discretion, speed and precision are at the top of the list of priorities.

In addition supervision of objects, values, money and facilities, we also provide our clients complex security policy planning within the framework of property protection assignments. The mission of zero risk and complete asset protection is always floating before our eyes. In doing so, we strive to reduce risk to zero and maximise security levels.

We also undertake armed and unarmed site security, concierge and office security, just to name a few of our highly satisfying assignments over the years. We base the high quality of our services on safety engineers at the planning stage, so that neither we, nor the client will be caught by any unexpected surprises.

We are also a reliable partner for event insurance, whether you are organising a regular or occasional event. Our professionally qualified staff can easily navigate the maze of requirements from disaster management, public health, nature conservation, police, fire brigade and health. We are a reliable partner not only for organising but also for maintaining security.

With the tools of the modern age and tailored to unique, special needs our security technology business facilitates the performance of security tasks.

Our security engineering specialists will assess your options and your needs, and provide camera, alarm, time and attendance (card, biometric), building surveillance, access control and barrier systems, turnstiles

and we install, upgrade and maintain these for our customers.

Whether it’s property protection, personal security or building operation, we provide a high level of expertise and efficiency. Our processes are regularly optimised, reducing costs and increasing results, which are presented in regular reports. For this reason our clients always know exactly what they are getting for their money.

For the employees of Aegis, only the best is good enough, and this is particularly true of our VIP services. With up to ten years of experience and practical and theoretical knowledge of the law enforcement forces, our colleagues are at the service of our clients. Whether you need personal protection or looking for a personal transport, airport transfer, VIP transport or private investigation, we have the ideal candidate for every job.

Personal security is a cornerstone of our VIP services. This involves taking full responsibility for the physical safety of our clients, including travel arrangements if required. Our drivers and bodyguards are not only well-trained in personal security, but also have a knowledge of ethics and protocol. As a result, they are well placed in a real VIP environment or on diplomatic missions.

At any time, there may be a situation in your life where you, your loved ones or your business partners need personal protection. We always handle our assignments with one hundred percent dedication and discretion. Once you experience the care of Aegis, you will usually come back to us later, and in addition to one-off assignments, we also maintain long-term partnerships with our clients.

You also have the option of requesting driver service, as safety is important on the road.

We provide our passenger transport service with premium category vehicles and we can also provide complete safety planning on request. In addition to speed and punctuality, it’s also important to choose the safest vehicle and route, and our experts are ready to help you.

One of our most popular services is childcare and teen guard. Whether you’re away because of business or you want to extend your personal protection to the youngest members of your family, you won’t be disappointed with our childcare service. Our staff are experienced and well-trained professionals who are empathetic to you and your children’s needs.

All you need to do is tell us the time and the place and leave the rest to us! And if you’re looking for a reliable child-minder for a sudden change of programme, our dispatchers will find a solution for every situation.

At Aegis General we provide a complex service. In addition to our colleagues and drivers who are experienced in personal and property protection, we also have staff with event security expertise. This activity also includes our hostess service, whose members must meet serious requirements. Beside of good looking, intelligence, knowledge of foreign languages and a good knowledge of etiquette and protocol are also important.

You may need a private investigator in many situations in your life, whether it’s personal or business. Aegis staff will handle your enquiries with the utmost discretion, ensuring that the information they obtain does not fall into the wrong hands. What is said during the consultation is always kept between the private investigator and the client, as trust is as important in this profession as the results achieved.