Complex safety solutions

komplex biztonsági megoldások

Our security technology business facilitates security tasks with modern tools and it is tailored to your specific, special needs. Our security engineering specialists will assess your options and needs, and provide you with camera, alarm systems, card or biometic identification based worktime-recording systems, building surveillance, access control and barrier systems, along with their installation, regular upgrade and maintenance for our customers.

The high quality of our services is driven by the security engineers from the design stage. They take into account the changing economic and technological challenges and innovations of our world and tailor them to the needs of our customers. Their work is complemented and completed by our law enforcement trained security staff of law enforcement background.

Planning and development do not stop after the contract has been signed. In order to ensure that our security services remain cost-effective and efficient in the long term, we periodically make offers to optimise our operation. This minimises the threats posed by technological changes, so that your assets and buildings are always safe under Aegis’ watch.