Cleaning service


Our cleaning services combine the highest quality, HACCP hygiene standards, modern technical equipment and environmental awareness. Whether it regardsa retail premises, an office building, a shopping centre, a hospital, a food distribution site or a restaurant, hygiene is a key issue. We undertake a full hazard analysis of your facility and provide regular reviews of its critical control points according to HACCP rules.

Our cleaning staff work with full knowledge of the regulations and the latest technical equipment to achieve high quality.

We provide full cleaning services

We provide daily, weekly and quarterly cleaning, maintenance cleaning and cleaning after construction and removals. You can also count on us for cleaning exterior and interior surfaces, windows and glass surfaces as well! Our cleaning staff is fully trained in all areas of building cleanliness. In addition to cleaning, we also provide waste management, separate waste collection, cleaning and slipping hazard removal of exterior areas such as roads, pavements, car parks, decorative paving, staircases and staircases.

In addition to efficiency, we also care about the environment, so you don’t have to worry about your company’s ecological footprint. Our staff use modern and safe cleaning technologies and equipment. We also choose our equipment and roles with sustainability and environmental friendliness in mind. But this doesn’t mean they can do anything less than harmful chemicals. Your buildings and business premises can therefore be cleaned without any of the hazards and environmental damage that can arise, thanks to our colleagues.