VIP-services and personal protection

You can count on our highly trained personal protection experts in every situation! We handle our assignments with the utmost discretion, and the cornerstone of our service is to prevent trouble before it becomes a real risk. This is possible by reducing or eliminating triggers, the mechanisms that trigger attacks. To identify, assess and eliminate these, one needs guards with extensive knowledge of personal security.

Our personal security company is at your service in all situations!

The problems and personal security risks you face can be many and vary, requiring many and varied solutions, but nothing is more important to us than your security. We offer a full service to our clients, so in addition to providing a bodyguard, we also help our clients choose the right vehicle and plan a safe route. Our personal security service can be for a single occasion, but we are also happy to work with you on a long-term basis.

Aegis General’s law enforcement trained staff are experienced personal security professionals. They have proven their competence and resilience in a number of situations, so you can count on them one hundred percent.

In addition to the right qualifications, discretion is the most important criterion when selecting our colleagues. Our basic requirements also include a high level of intelligence, a clean, tidy and elegant appearance, as well as the courtesy one would expect. Aegis employees are well suited to VIP environments, whether it’s personal protection, property protection, chauffeur services or even juvenile surveillance.

We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our VIP service, and our clients’ feedback is a major contribution to this. We listen to your feedback on our operational staff, as it is the best way to improve our personal protection services.

We carry out our tasks with the utmost discretion.

In anyone’s life, there may be a situation where they need personal protection. We handle this with the utmost expertise and discretion, so you can rely on our staff in all circumstances! We do not know the concept of enough, for us only the highest quality is acceptable, which is what we provide through our personal security service. Contact us if you, your family, your business partner or your partners need reliable protection!

Our highly trained professionals with firearms licenses, protocol and etiquette knowledge, basicfirst-aid skills and experience in defensive driving are at your service!

Feel safe under the wings of Aegis!