Gardening and grounds maintenance


Our operational services include maintenance of gardening and green space areas. This includes the regular maintenance of your plants, garden care and annual maintenance work.

Whether you want to make your buildings more attractive to your guests or employees with flowers, we can help. For a plant to have a calming effect on the people passing by and develop healthy, often takes more than the right alignment of stars. You need to know the plant’s light and water requirements, the ideal humidity, the type of soil it likes, how much nutrients it needs and how often it needs to be pruned.

In the case of garden vegetation, at least the aforementioned factors need to be taken into account when designing the plant culture. As well as being a pleasant sight for visitors, it can also serve as a recreational area for your guests and staff. It is also important to design the irrigation and drainage systems correctly, which requires considerable design and construction expertiseand last, but not least, patience. The care and maintenance of the lawn, the selection of flowers and trees requires a garden designer and a gardener to maintain the end result, which we are happy to provide to our partners.

Our staff includes experienced high altitude workers who can provide great assistance in pruning and felling mature trees. Well-trained workers are particularly important for this task, as they are responsible for the safety not only of themselves but also of everyone in the work area. Our colleagues are guaranteed to have all the theoretical and professional knowledge to carry out their tasks, as well as to wear the appropriate and modern equipment, so you have nothing to worry about.

Environmental awareness is also a priority for us when it comes to landscaping and office plant care. Our work is carried out in accordance with environmental standards, using modern gardening tools and machinery. Where possible, we recycle and compost clippings and, if required, we can also build wooden compost bins. In addition, our customers with indoor plants can also take advantage of this option if they are particularly concerned about protecting the planet.