Private investigation

Anyone can need a private investigator. Whether you’re looking for answers to personal questions, suspecting your partner’s infidelity or checking up on your business partners, our company provides a reliable and legal service.

The success of a private investigation is not just about the means


Our investigators use state-of-the-art technology to help them get the job done. The success of a private investigation also depends on the person and the skills of the private investigator. Surveillance requires persistence and constant focus, while connecting the various details requires a keen eye. We will prepare detailed documentation, supplemented by photographs and video footage.

Covert surveillance and tracking techniques are one of the most powerful weapons private investigators have, and they can deliver results in the short term. Surveillance of people and buildings is handled with complete discretion, so that the information obtained does not fall into unauthorised hands. Our private investigators can disclose it only to you or to a person you have authorised.

Surveillance covers all the movements and activities of the target person, which are regularly documented. If you meet someone, make contact with a suspicious vehicle, enter a building, these will be captured on video or in photographic form.

Whether you suspect your partner’s infidelity or are looking for proof of your business partner’s integrity, you can count on us!

The art ofprivate investigation can only work if it complies with the relevant legislation, and our colleagues are highly trained professionals with years of experience. Due to the fact that surveillance and tracking are based on the acquisition of data and information, surveillance is also subject to strict regulations to protect privacy rights. Thanks to the professional approach of our private investigators, not only your secrets but also the evidence and information gathered is completely safe.

What is said during our consultations and what our staff uncovers will never fall into the hands of a third party. In addition to the premium quality of our service, we guarantee our discretion.

The price of our private investigation service always depends on the circumstances of the assignment and the task required. A personalised quotation is prepared after a detailed consultation, during which we assess your needs and problems and assign you to the most suitable professional. This is important not only for you, but also for us, because a private investigator with the ideal experience can complete the job in the shortest possible time.

Even if you have a problem in mind but are not sure what service you need, contact us. With years of experience, Aegis has as much expertise in tackling security issues as it does inintelligence gathering, so together we can find the best solution for you!