VIP-supervision, hostess or host agency service

hosztesz szolgáltatás

At Aegis, we provide the highest standards in everything, so our well-trained hostesses and hosts have a pleasing appearance combined with impressive intelligence. Our colleagues are multilingual, so they are comfortable when it comes to international events and high-profile functions.

The soul of the event is the hostess or host

Contracted hosts and hostesses can greatly enhance the quality and (ensure) the smooth running of an event. In addition to appearance, Aegis staff place particular emphasis on professionalism, intelligence and a detailed knowledge of the rules of etiquette and protocol. This is how we guarantee the highest standards of service to our clients.

Our hosts are comfortable with and experienced at a wide range of events, it can be a promotion, launch of a product, conference, awards ceremony, exhibition, corporate event or party. To ensure that their appearance matches the style of the event and the expectations of our client, we always discuss their requirements in detail beforehand. When you choose us, there are no misunderstandings, no surprises, you get exactly what you want.

Among our VIP services, our hostess service is extremely popular, as we offer only premium quality.

Our hosts are well versed in etiquette and protocol

At an event, whether it is for an international or domestic audience, communicative, intelligent hostesses are essential. As they are the first people people to meet when they enter the venue, in most cases, the hostess makes a significant impression on them. This can also play a big role in the perception of the event later on.

An important factor when hiring our team members was that they speak foreign languages, so they can easily find their way around even if someone is not interacting with them in Hungarian. In addition to basic etiquette and protocol, our colleagues are also familiar with the rules of etiquette and protocol, which makes them suitable for diplomatic events.

The staff you choose can reflect negatively not only on the event but also on the company or person organising it, therefore it is not a good idea to lower the standards of the event and not go for the best. At Aegis, we see the success of our clients as a shared goal when working with them, so we provide you with a strictly professional team. Our goal is to ensure that wherever you show up, we can contribute to your excellent image and business success.