Childcare and Teen Guard


Under the wings of Aegis, you can keep the smallest members of your family safe. Our Childcare and Teen Guard services provide transportation and protection for your children, whether it’s getting them to school, supervising them at home, or accompanying them on family-friendly entertainment. Our staff has the necessary knowledge and qualifications, but also a high level of empathy, so you and your children will find them a sympathetic ear find our staff friendly and reliable.

Our chaperones will meet your expectations first and foremost, and we always try to choose them to match your children’s personalities. This minimises the settling-in period and allows you to join your child’s life as a new friend instead of a troublesome employee. If you travel often or if your job prevents you from taking your child to school, nursery or home care, we’re here for you!

Whether it’s a sudden errand to run, or a pre-arranged appointment when you need to leave the youngest members of your family for several hours, our experienced staff is at your service. We only employ staff with years of experience on the field, verified theoretical knowledge, ethical background and extensive and verified background. So you never have to worry about the safety of your little ones.

VIP surveillance

Our complete personal security service covers all areas of your life, including your home, workplace, transportation and leisure, tailored to your needs. This includes the safety of your children and yourself. Your family members can benefit from the extra attention paid by our company when you are away from home, when their supervision can be even more important.

We will look after the youngest members of your family with 100% dedication and empathy, so all you need to do is to indicate when and where you need our help.

Babysitting doesn’t stop at watching your little ones and keeping them busy while you’re away. We also provide a full security service if required. We will assess the terrain, plan the service, the safest route for transporting people and consult every single step with you beforehand.

Maximum security with Aegis

Whether you’re going on a business trip, attending an important meeting or planning a romantic evening when you need childcare, you can trust us. With Aegis, you can be sure of maximum safety for your children, so you can set off on your trip with complete peace of mind.