Object guarding


Our employees are also skilled in property surveillance, patrol duties and security systems monitoring. Whether you outsource a basic security assignment or entrust us with your partner’s or your own full security engineering, you won’t be disappointed with our expertise!

As part of our property surveillance work, the operation includes a full assessment of the area to be protected and a risk classification. This is the basis for determining the appropriate protection classification, which plays an important role in safeguarding our clients’ assets. In the case of facility surveillance, we also take on the full management of the property upon request, and this includes the ongoing maintenance of the building and its grounds, according to the client’s needs. This means that we are immediately informed of any malfunctions, which we repair within a short time, thus enhancing the security of your assets. With our concierge service, we provide and additional wave of security to our range of services, thus maximising the level of security.